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Audience review

'Congratulations on a magnificent performance of CARMEN... The cast poured everything into it with skill, quality and energy. I have watched Carmen from Covent Garden to Verona and have not been so moved.'


INQUIRE, October 2021

'Special mention to Indyana Schneider who interprets Carmen brilliantly and who never fails to convince, both as seductress and as a criminal'

Opera, September 2019

‘The best of the singing came from the British-Australian Mezzo Indyana Schneider as Dorinda, with a clear creamy voice, and lively expressive acting.'

Opera, October 2018

'A fabulous young mezzo, the voice full of crimson depth and character'

BAFTA-Award winning Peter Kosminsky, 2016

'For me, the standout performance was that of Indyana Schneider - a gloriously accomplished Feste… Rarely can such a gifted singer have donned the mantel of Olivia’s fool, adding a glorious extra dimension to the characterisation.'

The Oxford Culture Review 2017

'In an astonishingly talented cast, this production presented an outstanding Carlotta: the Sydney Opera House veteran Indyana Schneider, who for the occasion adopted a most hilariously on-point Italian accent and accompanying diva attitude. Her singing was outrageously wild, as the role demands, while remaining so skilled and accomplished that she received applause so enthusiastic (and so early) that the Phantom’s voice was initially drowned out.'

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